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Edenrobe – Showroom

Edenrobe – Showroom

Project: Edenrobe Showroom

Ton: 50 TOn

Type of Air Conditioning Units: Hisence VRF – Central Air Conditioning (3 Floors)

Job Description: Installation, Mounting Units, Welding, Pressure Testing, Piping, Leak Testing & Commissioning.




A Project of AirCo Pakistan – Providing Specialized Centralized VRF Air Conditioning Solutions.
Installations | Troubleshooting | Maintenance

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Diamond Foam – Headoffice (Lahore)

Diamond Foam – Headoffice (Lahore)

Project: Diamond Foam – Headoffice (Lahore)

Type Of Air Conditioning Units: VRF

Job Description: Mounting of Indoor / Outdoor Units, Piping, Pressure Testing, Leak Testing, Commissioning.

Diamond Foam – Headoffice Lahore (A Project of AirCo)

A Project of AirCo Pakistan – Providing Specialized VRF Solutions

Installations | Troubleshooting | Maintenance |

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